What is this blog for?

I am not a  native English speaker, however, I prefer to express and convey my feelings and thoughts by words of language. So I built and created this blog, and hope I can operate this blog better and better, my words will more popular with time goes on.

Everyone has a blueprint of the life they would like to live,so do I. But that’s far more not enough for me, I also take the first step bravely and stick to doing all until I realized the life what I’m eager to. That is WHAT I real Feeling.

A great breakthrough usually is needed by most of us, however,we often ignore continuous and incremental improments from our daily life. I intended to write this blog for a long time. I pick this domain and bought this VPS over a year. When I was available this afternoon, I found the VPS client remind me to renewal my VPS service, I began to realized it has been over a year from this blog created. I know procrastination is very horrible, I feel extremely depressed and upset about my delay, Lack of action. As a result, I created this first piece of my blog.

I write this blog is not for earning me some great fame,just for writing what I prefer. if it is possible, I hope this blog can make some affiliate money. This thought don’t indicate that I will not stick to wirting someting I am not interested, on contrast, I will use my interests to bring up myself.


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