Learn About All Types of Earth Globes and Choose You Want (Complete Guide)!

The navigator manufactured the first earth globe of real world in 16 century. His purpose was to get a undistorted and visualized map to help the project of voyaging. Nowadays,we don’t need to use earth globes to check where we situate on the ocean benefiting from the forward development of aerospace industry and Information Techonogy. However, that doesn’t mean the world earth has stepped down from the stage of history. On the contrary,the globe, a model of the earth,  is becoming more and more popular among people who would like to educate children, decorate new room and learn about more knowledge regarding geography. Today, I  will introduce all kinds of world globes and give some tips regarding how to choose the proper earth globes.

different styles world globes for multiple uses

Classify by purpose of earth globes

1. World globes with only longitude and latitude:

This kind of globes prominently indicates the longitude and latitude on its surface.And it was used widely the Great Age of Sail. At that time, voyages and sailers used this type of globes to know where exactly where they are connect with the theodolite.

2. Administrative World Globes

Administrative world globes are always used to mark countries,citis, regions and other special areas on the globe surface. It was very popular among children,travelers and geography lovers.  It’s very proper for people who want to know the general knowledage of geography. Especially, it can help children to know more trivias and arouse their curiosity. 

3. Topography World Globes

This type of globes are  models reflecting the physical features of land on Earth. Everyone knows that topography of the Earth is multiple and complicated —— plains, plateaus, mountains, basins and so on. Therefore, in order to better indicate the Earth’s surface, a Topography globe was born. It can obviously show various landforms with concave and convex design.

4.Educational globes

Educational globes are always used for educating children and students to know more geography science at school or at home. Gepgraphy teachers need to do presentations with edcational globes to demonstrates the Earth’s rotation biasing force ,Demonstrates day and night alternation,explain time zone and so on. Also, in junior grade, teachers and parents also use educational globes to show some basic knowledge of the Earth,like where every state locates in USA or where is south and north poles.

Clarify from materials and Features

The most ancient geographic globe which is still existed currently has been kept in German Museum over 400 years. The era which the globe was invented had no advanced mechanic techonogy, the voyage had to made it by hands and the material is also simple. When we get back to the modern world, Globes are available with reasonable price anytime and anywhere you want, we can choose different kinds of styles globes regarding it’s material,designation and exterior. Now,we are going on the new clarification standard:
Clarify from materials and Features
Spinning Globes
Levitating Globes
Historical Globes
Inflatable Globes
Illuminated Globes
Relief Globes
Educational Globes
Magnetic Globes
Cork Pin Globes
Paper Globes
Folding Globes
Bar Globes
Heirloom Globes
Handmade Globes
Art Globes
Wooden Globes
Custom Globes

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